Sky Over Dimas

Having watched The Sky Over Dimas play by the DLSU Harlequin Theater Guild, I had a very good time and enjoyed a lot of the stage antics and presentation of Vicente G. Groyon’s novel having the same title, which the whole play is based upon. The plot revolves around a rescue mission in Negros Occidental that a hacendera named Margie Jarabas Torrecarrion calls on her son Rafael to do. George, the crazy husband of Margie and Rafael’s father, has been held in the abandoned Hacienda Dimas for a while for a mysterious reason. Starting from this and Rafael’s success in the mission, the story evolves into an amalgamation of multiple themes that are all equally deep as George slowly starts to unravel the mysteries behind their family and all the skeletons in the closet that come with them.


I personally had a delightful time watching the play, which had equally a very good and capable cast of great actors, and a very thought provoking plotline that is both extremely interesting and very well thought through. It’s certainly not what I had expected and the fact that these people are just still in college is all the more impressive. 



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Inception Group Answers

1) What to you are the central themes in Plato’s allegory of the cave?  What are the ways by which the film closely resembles the allegory of the cave?  Conversely, what are the ways by which the film differs from it?


– The Allegory doesn’t solely represent our own misconceptions of reality


– Plato’s vision of what a solid leader should be. The prisoner is expected to return to the cave and live amongst his former prisoners as someone whom can see better than all the rest, someone whom is now able to govern from truth and goodness. He is expected to care for his fellow citizens

In a way, all the characters within a dream state created in the movie are the prisoners for they only see what the “architect” creates for them. They may be able to think on their own but that one person is the only one who truly knows what is out there in its entirety – thus, the architect of the dream is the one prisoner who is let out.

– Cobb orchestrated the mission for personal gain; however, this jeopardized all the other members of his team, which is a sign of selfishness. This disagrees with Plato’s allegory of the cave, because the enlightened prisoner went back to the cave to enlighten and teach his fellow prisoners. Cobb, on the other hand, did not reveal the all the dangers that his team would be facing on their mission. He only revealed it when the situation arose.


2) How does the mind separate false reality from true reality? Enumerate instances (key scenes) where the film clearly delineates “false” reality from “true” reality.

– Based on Mal’s experience/situation, you can’t distinguish false reality from true reality. You can only ‘trick yourself’ into believing that you are currently in ‘true reality’.

      *Mal & Cobb in Limbo

True reality can only be realized when a person wakes up from a dream or gets out of the false reality. If there is no change happening then it is assumed that the person is in true reality.

Key scenes where the film clearly delineates false reality from true reality:

  1. The use of Cobb’s totem clearly shows the difference between false reality and true reality. He is in true reality when he spins his totem then stops after a while. On the other hand, he is dreaming is his totem keeps spinning forever.
  2. In addition to the use of totem, Arthur also explained to Araydne the use of his totem to determine true reality from false reality. He is the only one knows the difference of how his dice performs in a dream and in reality.
  3. In the first part of the movie, Saito knows that he is still dreaming because when he was laid to the ground, he realized that the carpet is different. He knows that the material of the carpet in his reality is wool but in the dream it is polyester.
  4. In false reality, the dreamer can manipulate space in the dream. This was shown when Araydne went to her first workshop on designing a dream with Cobb. This is not possible in true reality.
  5. The wedding ring is also significant to Cobb. He wears the wedding ring in reality but not in a dream.



3) If someone can infiltrate your dreams in order to make you behave a certain way, do you really have free will? Is free will that easily manipulated?

–  In the movie, one would be able to enter another’s dream and insert images or ideas into the dream; however, this would cause the dreamer’s subconscious to attack the other person. The ideas and images would still remain in their minds. If we relate this to a person’s ability to make decisions, a person initially has their own beliefs; however, this initial idea may be manipulated by another person simply by stating an idea or image. This then justifies that free will may be easily manipulated since no one actually knows what goodness truly is.

Free will is defined as the ability to choose how to act or the ability to make choices.

In practical situations, decisions made by a person or way of thinking can somehow be affected by a lot of factors. Influences made by friends, family, colleagues, mentors and many more. With this, there is still free will because in the end, the person’s decision is still his/her. Nothing is being forced into the person’s mind. Although the influences may be misleading ones or guidance for the person.

In the case of the movie, it is said that through inception, a simple idea is planted into a person’s mind then this idea can grow and either define or destroy a person. If this inception really is possible, then the process of influencing a person is easier since the person is forced to believe in the certain idea. With this, there would be no such thing as free will since the ability to choose will not be possible. Every decision is affected by the planted idea. The idea can manipulate the person and all of the person’s beliefs and ideals in life will revolve to that.


4) Discuss how Cobb’s actions follow closely either some of the 4 Noble Truths or all of them.

– Suffering: Cobb was suffering throughout his life because he had to live with the guilt of his wife’s death since he planted the ‘idea’ in her mind

– Desire: Cobb and Mal lived in limbo for 50 years. During those times, the two were free to do whatever they wished to do. They did not need to go through the sufferings that reality entails.

– Path away from Suffering:

      * Cobb – Cobb’s suffering would end through closure and if he was able to finally forgive himself. This is why he decided to accept Satto’s offer to ‘get him back home’. 

      * Mal –  Since Cobb placed the idea that everything around them wasn’t real, they didn’t want to live with the idea that they were just being fooled. The only way she believed to escape was to ‘wake up’ or in other words, kill themselves, as they did while they were stuck in limbo.


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Myth for INTFILO: Day and Night

At the beginning, there was the Creator, the being above all beings. First, came the land and the seas, then the mountains and the skies, then everything living was placed upon the world. The final piece, light. To govern the world, The Creator made two beings of complete opposites – one of light and one of the dark, then he left them and went into a deep, deep sleep.

The world was filled with wonder and everything grew from anything; plants from the land, birds from the air, and animals from other animals. Nus, god of light, idealized the world in such a way that everything would benefit equally from each other. It was order. This greatly annoyed the queen of darkness, Noom, whose only goal was to bring everything into chaos.

One day, Noom plotted out a way to incapacitate Nus long enough to take over. She took the coveted crown of fire that Nus used to mark his dominance over light and hid it in the darkest reaches of the universe. Nus, in his anger, generated numerous quakes of fire to erupt from the mountains and drowned the world in his rage.

Darkness now ruled throughout the world of Earth where lush greens were, only barren wastelands and putrid marshes exist. Noom, the queen of darkness, had her spell on most of the denizens down below, causing everything to slowly wither and die at some point. It was a clash of the great ones of some sort. Nus would attempt to make life while Noom made sure to extinguish life.


Several years, the two battled it out for dominance over the Earth. Life and death, light and dark, and the battle raged on and on for years. One day, Nus sent a lone ranger to the darkest reaches of the universe to find his crown of fire. North was a man of unequaled strength who could as easily kill a man as he could breathe. As tasked, he ventured through the mountain of snow, through the sea of monsters, marched through vast dessert, and trekked the chasm of fall. Each new terrain provided different challenges for the ranger. At long last, North found the crown of fire and made his way back to Nus to return it.

Nus took his crown and amassed the power of the stars and reversed all the damage Noom had done. He sent Noom away to a further part of the universe away from Earth and created a protective layer around the planet that converted all of Noom’s energy into life. To commemorate the achievement of North the ranger, Nus granted him the ability to stay as a fixed point in the sky whenever he wished and created four seasons to remind the world what North went through to save them. Then he centered himself far away from Earth to watch everything.


Every day, Noom attempts to take over again and again, and Nus continues to wear the crown of fire and uses his rays to produce more life. Thus began the cycles of night and day, as Noom attempts to hide from Nus while spreading her rays. A few times a year Noom attempts to take the crown once again, which is why the sun goes dark at times. Thus it is when she is out at night that the tides become uneasy and when the wolves howl in anguish. She is the reason why all life ends after a certain point, why we grow old, and why many are afraid of the dark. And the cycle continues.

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A. I chose the behavior of gambling, and I believe it is morally wrong to gamble. But there is some “neutral” in that it’s more like an adult version of Timezone. People go and gamble all the time for fun. It’s like playing a game where you pay for a chance to win money. So, morally, this isn’t exactly a bad thing. Though, there is a border where gambling becomes wrong; and that is when it is used too many times that it grows into an addiction. Based on the moral laws of the Catholic Church and my personal upbringing under this establishment. As was explained a while ago, gambling is not necessarily bad or sinful if it is used for plain and simple fun. This would make the act more like a game that you have to spend money for. In essence, gambling with no purpose of earning more money and just the one of having fun is acceptable. It would then become the equal of playing an online game that needs a subscription; ie spending money for entertainment. Based on my reasons, I am a moral rationalist. I think of both sides and slowly and carefully decide which one is the most “right”. Although, based on my analysis of the issue, I still do believe that it is wrong when done for the wrong reasons. B. I think that gambling is wrong, but it totally depends on how you make use of the act. But, you really have to look at it from all angles. I call this the road of reason; it’s when you have to kinda think about the implications of the action that you’re about to do. You have to decide which is better and which is not. If you’re gonna gamble for fun then the moral implications of your actions aren’t really that wrong. But if you’re gonna gamble to earn money then it’s wrong. Also, if you really think that you might get addicted to it, just don’t do it. Here comes the other path that I call the road of caution, where if you think it may be even slightly wrong, then it’s better not to get into it at all. Then there’s the road of suspicion, when you have to act with suspicion if you’re doing an act that gives you pleasure and not pain. Cause that usually means that you’re already doing it for the wrong reasons.

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GMO’s are important to us because without it we would not have enough food to survive. The GMO’s actually help us to produce more easily and in a faster manner. In other words, we actually have a bit on reliance on these GMO’s even if they are slightly unhealthy for our health. I am for GMO’s because of these reasons.

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I liked the vegetable oil one

I think each oil actually makes a difference in the taste of the food that they cook

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